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Not Perfect Is GOoD

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You, girl! How would you like to be my research subject? I'll make it worth your while. Don't be afraid, I'm kind to women.

I know! I'll offer you the best possible terms! I'll restrict the daily drug regime to eight doses, and only five hours for biomechanical experiments! You'll be fed orally, and you'll be given clothing when you sleep! And I'll try hard not to perform any modifications that might kill you.

What do you say, girl? These are exceptional terms for a research subject!

This journal is rarely updated, and when it is, it's mostly to rant or rave about some book or tv show or video game or porn or something. I suspect you would be as uninterested in my life's story as I am in yours. Add me or remove me as you see fit, I'm not bothered. If I add you, don't worry, I'm a nice stalker.

I don't remember who made all of the icons I've saved. If you see something you made that's uncredited, I'm not claiming your mighty zooming and cropping powers are my own. Drop me a message and I'll fix it; surely it's nothing to get pissed about. :)

My Non-Existant Crushes:

Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Akio and Anthy(okay, the whole damn cast of Utena), Suigintou, Tomoe Marguerite, Franziska and Manfred von Karma, Cornelia li Britannia and Charles zi Britannia, Lezard Valeth, Revolver Ocelot, Adiane the Elegant, Asakura Ryoko, Kitsu Chiri, Luca Blight, Kefka Palazzo, The Joker and Harley Quinn, Hiiragi Kagami, Rem(the Shinigami, not the band), Ikari Gendo, Alfred and Alexia Ashford, Satou Sei, Seifer Almasy, Orochimaru, Kazutaka Muraki, Sakurazuka Seishiro, Albedo, and Dr. Girlfriend.

Warning: my posts will likely mention at least one of these names and the franchises that spawned them.

Communities I run:


I'm not on LJ all the time, so if there's an issue you have, e-mail me about it. They're pretty small comms, so I don't anticipate any problems. ^^;


My Utena Moodtheme was made by me, using pics from the gallery at Ohtori.nu.

Mayuri banner made by illeatchu
action figures, adiane/viral, aizen/tousen, akio ohtori, akio/anthy, akio/anthy/utena/touga/saionji, akio/everybody, akio/touga, akio/utena, akito sohma, alan moore, albedo, albedo/rubedo/momo, albert silverberg, alex ross, alfred and alexia ashford, anthy himemiya, anti-faghags, anti-gaysploitation, arima souichirou, arlong/nami, asatte no houkou, azumanga daioh, bebop and rocksteady, being narcissistic, bisexuality, caution i am boozer(banzai!), chachazero, charles/v.v., chrono cross, cirque du soleil, coach mcguirk, cornelia li britannia, cornelia/euphemia, darman/etain, david cross, death note, dr. girlfriend, evangeline a.k. mcdowell, fran's ass, franziska von karma, franziska/phoenix, fruits basket, gankutsuou:count of monte cristo, gendo ikari, gendo/rei, gunslinger girl, hieronymus bosch, home movies(the cartoon), ichigo mashimaro, j.r.r. tolkien, jack kirby, jiraiya/tsunade/orochimaru, joker/harley quinn, jowy atreides, k-on!, kare kano, kefka's laugh, ken akamatsu, konata/kagami, konosetsu, kurotsuchi mayuri, kurotsuchi nemu, lelouch/nunnally, lezard valeth, lloyd asplund, love hina, luca blight, lucky star, mahou sensei negima, mai-hime/otome, major major major major, maria-sama ga miteru, marvel comics, mathiu silverberg, mayuri's bare ass, mayuri/nemu, metal gear solid, mihael keehl, mikage souji, mireille/kirika/chloe, muraki-sensei, mystery science theater 3000, napoleon bonaparte, nately's whore, nippon ichi, oh! great, orihime/tatsuki, orochimaru, orochimaru/everybody, pee-wee's playhouse, ranting and raving, rem/misa, resident evil, revolutionary girl utena, revolver ocelot, revolver ocelot/big boss, rorschach, rude/reno/elena/tseng, rufus shinra, ryuk/light, sado yasutora, salvador dali, sasarai, satou sei, saying "fuck", sayonara zetsubou sensei, seifer/fujin/raijin, seinfeld, seishirou/subaru/hokuto, sexy villains, shadow play girls, shinku/suigintou, shoujo kakumei utena, sierra mikain, sir crocodile, sir integra wingates hellsing, skeletor, soifong's itty bitty titties, stan lee, star wars, suigintou, suikoden, super mario rpg, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenjou tenge, the daily show/colbert report, the joker, the shredder, the simpsons(before it sucked), the sumeragi twins, the venture brothers, the watchmen, tohru/hana/uo, tokyo babylon, tomoe marguerite, touga/saionji, tousen kaname, treize khushrenada, urahara/mayuri, v for vendetta, vagrant story, valkyrie profile, victor von doom, warcraft, warren ellis, yoruichi/soi fong, yoshitaka amano, yuber's pimp hat, zaraki kenpachi