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Chicks with scorpion tails are hot

Finally started watching Gurren Lagann, I'm so behind the times. At first I wasn't sure if all the hype surrounding it was warranted, then it got really good around episode 8, and it got super good around episode 15. I'm at 18 now, and damn, Rossiu is turning into a douche. I love him though. :D

Anyways, the most important thing about the series is that Adiane is probably my favorite anime girl since Cornelia. Soooo sexy, why couldn't she have more screen time? :_: I now begin the search for fanart of her banging Viral in the ass with her has to exist! >_>

Is it bad that I immediately recognized Kamina's dad's voice as Akio's from his three lines or so of dialogue? I wish he had more screen time too, just to hear him talk. XD And Cytomander is Sakumizo(sp?) from Mai-Hime/Otome...every time he opens his mouth, I picture a fat guy with an afro. -_-

New Suikoden game is fun too, even if it's outside the normal continuity and the voice acting is pretty bad. It's already my favorite RPG for the DS, and I only have about 40 SODs at the moment. I love Sisuca, I love Chrodechild, I love Zahra and Eunice(kind of a Lloyd/Cecille thing going on), and the Porpos-kin are brilliant designs(I bet they taste delicious too). Best line:

Liu:"Can I cuddle up to you anyways?"
Cougar:"Watch out, I bite."

I bet you do. :D
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MILF Von Karma

So I dreamed during a nap today that I was watching the Phoenix Wright live action tv show. It was kind of disappointing overall(guy who played Edgeworth sucked), but then Franziska's mom showed up. And damn, she could give her daughter a run for her money. Fantastic ass on her, and hot German voice.

So now I'm in love with a character that's never actually shown in the canon. D:
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Bleach 199

I knew they were going to puss out on this one, but Szayel comes out as a cloud? Seriously, WTF was that? And apparently showing a woman with wrinkled skin isn't allowed? Lame.

And Daily Show is apparently in reruns for the rest of the year. Why couldn't they go on vaction after the guy throws a shoe at Bush? Seriously bad timing, guys. :P
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This is the third time in my life it's snowed here, and it's never been as thick as it is now. Good times!

I'm finally playing FFVI Advance, and generally I like the new translation(Cyan about to call Celes a bitch was amusing). And I'm glad they fixed the weird names from the SNES version(Sraphim/Seraphim, Atma/Ultima).

I just wish they hadn't changed Mr. Chupon's name to Typhon, even if it was the original Japanese name. I also missed Uncle Ulty's line about how they met("I woke up one day to find Mr. Chupon chewing on my head!"), but I don't know if they took it out, or if I just killed him before he could say it.
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I think you're crazy, just like me.

As a child, I had several irrational fears, such as my belief that digging holes might somehow release Satan from Hell and destroy the world. But one of the strangest ones was my paranoid fear that people were secretly following me around with cameras, recording my embarrassing moments, and playing them on some secret tv show. >_> When the film The Truman Show was released, I was pretty shocked by how similar it was.

So I found this article in this week's The Week really interesting:

That modern-day scourge, reality television, has spawned its very own psychosis, says the Associated Press. A growing number of people with mental illness have the delusion that they're being stalked by reality TV cameras. Dr. Joel Gold of New York's Bellevue Hospital calls it the "Truman syndrome" after the Jim Carrey movie "The Truman Show," in which every person in the lead character's life is an actor and every moment is being broadcast to an unseen audience. In one case, a man walked into a government building and asked officials to arrest the people who were filming him without his consent. In another, a patient believed he was a contestant on a secret game show and that everyone and everything he experienced was a part of that show. A third patient became convinced that he was living in the computer-generated virtual reality depicted in the film "The Matrix." Psychiatrists say it's not that reality TV or films are causing people to become mentally ill; they're just providing a new template for delusional people who might, at some other time, have insisted that the CIA was monitoring their thoughts.

So while I am insane, I can take solace in the fact that there are others who are at least as insane as I am. :)

And speaking of insanity, Bleach 198 was pretty fun. Way too much time spent on recaps and the Byakuya stuff was kind of blah, but it got really good as soon as Ashisogi came out. I LOVED the music that started playing, and the little crying baby sound effect. Szayel's horror as his body deteriorated, with Mayuri just standing there smiling, and that final POV shot(GULP) - great sadistic fun. :D
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I don't look at anime blogs any blogs, but I was searching for Asakura Ryoko pics and stumbled upon this delectable tidbit about my knifey-wifey:

the yuri content of Ryoko’s creepy stalker Shizuru-like crush on Yuki in the fourth novel, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

She comes baaaaack. :D And canon Ryoko on Yuki? *fapfapfap* I've never read a book on the computer before, but now I don't have much a choice, do I? ^^
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